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The abuse of power doesn’t find limits. Whether it’s Police, CAFCASS, Social Workers or Judges, they all find ways of astonishing even people who have seen many cases of child ‘protection’.

In his latest weekly article in The Telegraph Christopher Booker writes about the Pedros without naming them or Lincoln Council, let alone HHJ Swindells QC: 

We can send you to jail for objecting to an offence we’ve yet to specify. – Lord Munby has an uphill struggle on his hands.

But another McKenzie Friend has also pointed out that he’s never seen anything like it – not only in the gagging order – but the whole process from Police seizing the children without paperwork to the judge issuing an extreme contact order and refusing transfer to another judge or court.

Kellie Cottam got Flintshire Council to vacate her case because of her support on Facebook.

Let’s see what the Pedros will achieve with the realities of the internet, particularly social media, as Judge Munby appealed to courts in his Baby J judgement