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14 01 20 PRJMcKenzie Friends have all their particular cases they assist and learn from, based on their life experiences and individual skills.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe is not a member of our Association, but has assisted the Nigerian Musas long before we helped them. He now addresses Haringey Council with this Open Letter.

He publishes Non-UK Children taken into Care on 42 pages with these references:

  • 63 foreign children taken and 4 adopted by Lincoln Council
  • 231 taken and 8 adopted by Barnet Council – one of them being Melissa Laird‘s son
  • 20 taken and 2 adopted by Doncaster Council – responsible for Vicky Haigh and her daughter
  • 15 taken and 2 adopted by Swansea Council – who gagged me first, before Doncaster and Haringey.

Based on Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a 12-year old Slovak boy, Paul spells out the following:


  • Councils have to abide by Articles 36 and 37b of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963 – to inform consuls and embassies about their ‘concerns’ and to provide consular access to foreign children – besides ‘contact’ with birth parents – truly in the best interest of children;
  • neither Sir Nicholas Wall, the then President of the Family Division, nor Lord Justice Thorpe ordered the Council to abide by this international Convention that the UK ratified;
  • ‘Interim Care Orders’, ‘Placement Orders’ and Forced Adoptions were obtained without due jurisdiction which amounts to state kidnapping;
  • Foreign parents can now appeal their Care and Placement Orders based on Sir James’ judgement.


  • Litigant in Person and McKenzie Friend par excellence, pilot Maurice J Kirk BVSc, joked about flying the children away – but you were quick to arrest him and the parents which haunts him and the parents to this day in court and in prison (!) – when Haringey Council were the kidnappers in the first place;
  • Haringey and Croydon Police fraudulently falsifying records of bail attendance;
  • the judge denying him right of audience, i.e. the permission to speak on behalf of the parents, even though they were clearly out of their depths with what was going on.

That is the un-believable tragedy in child snatching cases: certain judges are part and parcel of the collusion with Social and Legal Services behind closed court doors.

The Daily Mail reported: UK Courts must not decide the fate of foreign children.

I am gathering SIGNIFICANT JUDGEMENTS under MUNBY REFORMS so that other parents and their McKenzie Friends can learn.

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