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14 09 19 Jose and Carla“A Portuguese couple who have lived in England for 11 years accuses British Social Services of having taken unjustly their five children, of whom two are put up for adoption. The case resulted in a petition to the EU Parliament which joins two dozen complaints by families of various nationalities.”

You may not understand Portuguese, but in these 3.33 minutes you will see the room in which we met the Petitions Committee and members of the EU Commission to present our petitions. Subsequently we visited the UK Embassy and British Consulate:

  • Latvian Laila Brice and her daughter regarding Merton Council who took her little girl 4 years ago
  • Lithuanian Ale Ambrasaite whose daughter was taken by Kingston-upon-Thames because she had an alcohol problem; but contrary to their promise, once the problem was solved, the daughter was not returned.
  • The collective problem of Forced Adoptions and the systemic nature of child snatching in the UK.
  • The visit to the UK Embassy where the folder of evidence was not accepted. Instead, two attaches were sent to the British Consulate to close the consulate for our messengers who were sent there in vain. A diplomat arriving in a posh car was surprised to find his work place closed…

Experienced campaigners conclude: the UK Embassy and British Consulate are not open for their citizens in Brussels, but practice a ‘fob off policy’ to cover up child snatching, where Forced Adoption is the end of a long and painful road of secret court cases, supervised contact sessions and gags with threat of imprisonment.

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