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These are the 10 pages with which the Pedros were released from their police cell, after 12 hours of shivering: Carla with 2 cups of tea, Jose with nothing. Belinda described their ordeal in her latest Battle News.

I had to redact pages 1 and 3, as they contain the names of their children and two other people, one of whom the Pedros don’t even know. The other one is the mother of a child who once fled back to her country of origin to save her child. But, foolishly, she came back, and lost it to Social Services.

So it appears as if somebody suspects that the Pedros also want to ‘take their children and run’ and asked for the help of the Police to stop that from happening – no matter how much hardship that creates, e.g. by Jose not having been able to go to work on Friday.

The 10 pages document a little what has happened:

  • a Police Officer made an application to get a ‘search warrant’ (page 5)
  • note the reference to ‘Forced Adoption group’
  • on 21 May they have to present themselves to the Police again (bottom of pages 1 and 3); until then they are on ‘bail’.

We can only speculate who initiated this search and inhuman treatment in Grantham’s prison cell. Mr Fraser of Fraser Wise acted as ‘duty solicitor’. And although the Police Officer who phoned me spoke about having to pay, apparently this service should be free until they are charged, if that happens. Until then Police can keep their property.

For everybody who has problems imagining, believing and following what has happened to the Pedros (and 1,000 other children every month), here is more context:

1. Historic background: Veteran Ian Josephs has seen at least 10,000 cases and publishes Forced Adoption. According to him, child snatching got worse in 1948 when child cruelty was taken out of the hands of the police and criminal courts and given to the newly formed social workers and family courts.

This meant that judges decided that parents were guilty of cruelty or neglect not beyond reasonable doubt, but on the balance of probabilities (51%).

Later came:

  • the secrecy (1987)
  • risk of emotional harm
  • forced adoption (1976)
  • guilty unless proved innocent
  • no second opinions from experts.

2. The Patterns that Connect Child Snatching Cases: 14 03 23 Slide 7this is the seventh of the nine slides that I showed while I spoke to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament.

Please note the involvement of the Police:

  • they are used to physically take the kids, as in the video that Ilya Antonova recorded, when his siblings were taken in the Netherlands – on the video of the Petitions Committee;
  • such a video was also recorded by David Jenkins who founded SCOTUK when his son was taken right after birth
  • a similar video was the basis for Sir James Munby Baby J judgement which culminates in an appeal to courts to adapt to the realities of internet, in particular social media.

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