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14 03 24 UNHCROn top of their list is, obviously, for their children to be returned asap. How can that come about?

1. Listen to E – the now 14- year-old boy who was used to accuse the father

  • according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, any child over 11 should be heard;
  • E wrote to the judge but was NOT listened to.

2. Listen to M – the now 12-year-old daughter who does not want to lose her two youngest siblings to forced adoption;

  • in April S and P are supposed to be adopted, while the older three children are to remain in ‘long term care’ – seeing their parents once every two months.

3. Comply with the Vienna Conference on Consular Relations and allow for consular visits of foreign children in UK care;

  • Lincoln Council said NO.

4. Adhere to Sir James Munby’s judgement that UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children:

5. Remove gagging orders from all parents whose children have been taken;

  • this means freeing everybody who has been imprisoned for violating their gags.

6. Return children in care;

  • this means saving the Government at least £500 per child per week.

7. Stop forced adoptions and reverse those who apply for them;

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