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The Americans say “any publicity is ok, just spell my name right.” This does not apply to the UK and certainly not to victims of secret family courts. The Pedros were the first to be persecuted for having travelled to Brussels on 19 March 2014. They were arrested on 21 March for 12 hours and the Search Warrant said that Police ought to look for evidence of the ‘Forced Adoption group’. The arrest resulted in:

  • Police confiscating telephones, computers and travel documents
  • Police indicating that it was Lincolnshire Social Services who had made the application for the Search Warrant – suspecting that the Pedros were conspiring to abduct their own children – a charge yet to be seen formulated on paper
  • for the Police refused Carla copies of the transcript
  • and the Court refused a copy of the application for the Search Warrant.

No wonder that ‘experts’ of the legal system confirm that ‘disclosure’ continues to be the most sensitive of all issues. An alternative to ‘disclosure’ is ‘exposure’:

  • thanks to BBC LOOK NORTH who said that 35 of 37 adoptions in Lincolnshire were forced, i.e. dispensing with the consent of the parents; see on this Facebook page for now.

However, since then,

  • Emyr Wyn Jones was punished by Carmarthenshire Council for having travelled abroad;
  • Terence Steele had his article completely mis-represented in his local paper in Sutton;
  • Bhupesh Patel is being punished by his son not being named according to his religious tradition but ‘the SS way’ – completely contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and EU Convention on Human Rights.



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