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The blue boys’ room

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The pink girls’ bedroom

Once again, you can’t make it up what Social Services invent and fantasise about, and what Police do on their behalf – or a private ‘private security firm’ next! The privatisation of the ‘child processing industry’ is clearly in full swing already. No wonder MPs can’t and don’t want to help…

On Wednesday last week, Social Worker Graham was unable to schedule contact sessions, as he had to find time in the diary of Social Worker Malcolm Rebello to come from Lincoln to Grantham – on the phone – without letting the Pedros speak to him. After all, their case was closed in Grantham!

Today, Malcolm Rebello was unable to schedule contact sessions, as he claims he needs to have meetings with the respective contact centre!

About the two youngest children, who according to the oldest son were moved away from their sister, he said:

  1. they have been moved for fear of being ABDUCTED by the parents;
  2. they are up for adoption again, because the Portuguese authorities have not stepped in, supposedly.

Logic of course doesn’t count. For the Pedros were accused of abducting THREE of their children, i.e. presumably NOT the two youngest who are up for adoption – plus somebody else’s!…

But the fact that they separate the siblings doesn’t concern them either – even though it’s against all guidelines.

They will receive the ‘conditions for contact’ in Portuguese next:

  1. they will get a phone call 1 to 2 hours before the event;
  2. they shall be searched before contact;
  3. they are to hand over their mobile phones and their ID; 
  4. they shall travel in the security vehicle of a ‘private security firm’;
  5. their contact will be monitored and they have to sign the agreement. 

If they breach the agreement, contact will be terminated. 

In the eyes of Social Services she has committed a crime – – despite charges having been dropped!!!

  • Human rights article 8, the right to family life?
  • UN Child Rights?

How do you fight the WAR of getting the family re-united, when one battle after another is put between them and their children???

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