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On 11 November 2014, I mentioned in Brussels how the Pedros were arrested for belonging to a ‘forced adoption’ campaign group:

On 17 November 2014, Carla Pedro Jorge met with her County Councillor at Lincolnshire County Council.  This County Councillor is a Member of the Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Committee.

The meeting went very well, prior to the meeting the County Councillor had already sent an email to the Head of Social Services at Lincolnshire CC as well as speaking to her about Carla’s case.

The County Councillor asked Carla why all 5 of her children were taken when the problem was caused only by her eldest child and there were no problems with the other children.

The  County Councillor is going to try to do everything to help Carla – she is going to send letters to all who have been involved with her case, including the legal team at Lincolnshire CC.

The County Councillor is going to have an urgent meeting about Carla’s children’s case with the case Social Workers, their manager, the legal team and the Head of Social Services.

In the opinion of the County Councillor, Carla’s eldest son should stay in care until he calms down and she will do everything to get her 4 other children returned to Carla.  She said that what Social Services have done is completely barbaric as the only child that they needed to be removed was Carla’s eldest as his behaviour is not at all good.

The County Councillor said she will talk with Social Worker Rosemary Stanton because of the allegation that she made against Carla and her ex-husband, Jose, which led to their arrests; she is going to ask why Carla has not seen her 2 youngest children for three months.

The County Councillor said that she is going to do all in her power to get Lincolnshire County Council to reach an agreement with Carla to get the children back home under a Supervision Order.

The County Councillor said that what has been done is against the law and that she is going to help her wherever possible. Carla showed her the screen shots that she has as proof.  The County Councillor told Carla not to worry and that she will probably be contacted about the joint meeting.  The County Councillor is going to keep in touch with Carla.

Meanwhile, the father lost his job – again – due to the interference by Lincolnshire arms reaching all the way to London…