The Pedro family is Portuguese. They came to the UK in 2003, after the father was made redundant from his excellent job as forklift driver – due to the general economic downturn.

In Grantham, he had a good job as a driver, but lost it due to the intervention of ‘social’ services.

On 23 April 2013, two police officers and two social workers came to take the children saying “they don’t need to give a reason.” They are 12, 10, 7, 4 and 2 years old.

Since then, four Lever Arch files of documents have been served on them by the ‘people processing industry‘:

  • reports by ‘experts’: professionals who supposedly don’t lie…
  • court orders: often without ‘wet signature’ and even date and records in courts
  • and, to top it all off, a gagging order – despite Sir James Munby’s famous Baby Judgement in which he invites courts to adapt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media.

What is supposed to be “in the best interest of these five children” and NOT delivering “emotional harm”:

  • to be separated not only from their birth parents and their native language but also their siblings and their toys;
  • the voices of the older children NOT being heard; they clearly state that they want to go home;
  • Social Worker Lee Watkinson talked the oldest son (12) into making a false allegation against his father; but the boy is not allowed to talk to his father about that; however, he did write two letters – one to the judge and one to his dad:

13 11 15 Son's letter to father 1 rot13 11 15 Son's letter to father rot

13 11 15 Son's letter to judge_000213 11 15 Son's letter to judge

The parents are not allowed to speak Portuguese with their children when they visit them for ‘contact’.

No matter how bad the father may be occasionally, according to Police records which we know to get falsified, too:

‘The system’ where people are ‘only doing their job’, leaving their conscience at home, is always by far worse than any of the individual victims and CERTAINLY the children! Soo many want to be Home for Christmas!


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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. R.E. Ostertag said:

    How much longer will they get away with gagging orders and false accusations forced out of children in the UK?! Justice Munby made a landmark decision 6 months ago.
    Why is this still going on?!

  2. So, the MINISTER EDWARD TIMPSON MP. Read his statements.. Ed Timpson MP, the Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families writes: the law is clear, but it is not adhered to by Social Services at all!. ” the government wants to see families supported to stay together, but Social Services are NOT doing their job of SUPPORTING families”. Obviously he has KNOWLEDGE of criminal acts committed by many of our social workers.
    May I ask what this MINISTER intends to do about this situation or is he AFRAID of social services like the rest of us.

    • Mind the gap, once again: between the law and its enforcement, the policy and its implementation, words and deeds…

      Never mind, Phil: we will get our act together with integrity and effectiveness!


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