CHILDREN BACK for Christmas!

The UK Establishment has a great chance this Christmas to repair what’s unique in the UK.

It can continue the Munby Reforms and Return our Stolen Children, in particular:

  • UK David Jenkins, organiser of Stolen Children UK whose 4 children were taken and who spent recently time in Swansea prison – Swansea Council
  • UK Kellie Cottam whose case was vacated after she rallied too much support for daring to risk imprisonment – Flintshire Council
  • US Melissa Laird who was deported penniless and homeless so that her son could be adopted – with a hearing scheduled for 05 December 2013 – Barnet Council
  • Nigerian Musas who were sentenced to seven years of imprisonment so that two children could be adopted and five ‘cared’ for; their appeal will be heard on 06 December 2013 – Haringey Council
  • Portuguese Pedros whose hearing is on 09 and 10 December Lincolnshire County Council
  • Latvian Katya Brice whose mother is Laila Brice – stolen and adopted by Merton Council – without court order
  • UK Phil Thompson‘s 3 greatgrandchildren – stolen and adopted without court order by Walsall Council
  • UK Lakeisha, Aliceah, Keane & Brodi-Lee whose hearing is scheduled for January 2014 – meanwhile they are crying to be heard – Banes Council
  • UK Henry Angus Pate whose mum is here – Kent Council
  • UK Charlene Tootle‘s two children – Liverpool Council
  • Scottish Bonnie, Isaac and Rayne for whom Lene Forrest is fighting against Kilbirnie in North Ayrshire.

Here are our official pleas to official bodies:

In the spirit of Christmas, we wouldn’t want to see the culprits hung. But we would like to see every child compensated for every day in custody. The official rate for illegal imprisonment is £300 / day. The Slovak children spent 920 days in captivity, before they were returned, after the father lost his job, house, marriage and reputation…

If you want yours added, email me!

Here are some online pleas:

18 thoughts on “CHILDREN BACK for Christmas!”

  1. please let me stand up for all of us to prove we aint the bad parents and the failures of social services that they was so desperate to take innocent children of innocent parents //aint it time a parent who has the balls gets given the chance to prove justice well i have the passion i have the balls and believe me i have the voice ;;its 5 wks left till xmas come on guys help me get as many children back for xmas with there parents please

  2. a message to the goverment/social services //and all the councils/you started this war and by god you all gonna have a fight ..have you heard the saying what goes around comes along well boy its coming around so watch out

  3. sabine iv got your back a 1000 percent mate we gonna show the world that we gonna fight for what we love but the most important JUSTICE so who evers watching look out

  4. charlene tootle said:

    My children were stolen by liverpool ss coz of ptsd

  5. wakemanclare said:

    this is all getting past a joke its the social workers who should be in prison not kellie cotton or any other parent if the goverment have any decency at all they will let kellie and the rest of the parents out of prison //all they were doing was protect there babies

  6. christine cragg said:

    please give me back my grand children . they are innocent babies. . all i am guilty of is loving them . i have done nothing to harm my grand babies. . they were stolen from me a week before christmas 2012. . want them home where they belong . we love and miss them so much . please send them home . .

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