Proposals for Reform

These following reforms would stop most of the present injustices:

  1. Abolish the Family Court secrecy that gags parents who wish to complain.
  2. Abolish ‘emotional harm and ‘risk’ as justifications for putting children into care
  3. Abolish ‘forced adoption’ if a parent opposes an adoption in court.
  4. Abolish decisions by Family Court judges to take babies and young children into care (let juries decide). See para 44 in Sir Munby’s judgement.
  5. Abolish the power of Social Services to regulate and control contact between parents and children, to censor their conversations or to restrict, phone calls. The court must control the frequency of contacts.
  6. Abolish the restriction preventing a lay advisor from presenting a case for parents refused legal aid.
  7. Abolish hearsay evidence in Family Courts and require witnesses to stick to facts without ‘speculation’.
  8. Abolish the removal of Children for non life threatening forms of neglect such as absences from school or insanitary dwellings unless a written warning has been served and the situation has not been remedied.

Ian Josephs

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