THE PEDRO CHILDREN are going back to Portugal – thanks to Consulate and Embassy!


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After Slovakia, 14 04 18 Portuguese EmbassyPortuguese officials managed to stop a forced adoption and return the children to their home country!

The two youngest children will not be adopted and all of them will go back under the supervision of Portuguese authorities!

Carla was woken up with the good news by the phone call of TVI – one of the TV channels in Portugal: José Cesário –  Secretary of State of Portuguese Communities Abroad had asked the Embassy to make sure that the children come back asap.

These are the first articles publicising the excellent news:

Latvia must be next!

That’s also what Against Child Trafficking are saying in the international context.

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WHAT HAPPENS to Children in England? Article in Portuguese Correio da Manha


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14 04 07 CM JornalWHAT HAPPENS to Children in England? is an extensive article in a national newspaper about the Pedro family published on 07 April 2014.

It is based on interviewing veteran advisor Ian Josephs who has been helping families since 1961 and is publishing Forced Adoption.

It also quotes John Hemming, the only MP who advances the cause in Parliament. As Chairman of Justice for Families, he has over 2,000 cases on file.

In Parliament, he has tabled a number of Early Day Motions (EDMs) to gather support from other MPs. He has also tabled the Families and Justice Bill which did not pass Parliamentary procedures to get Royal Assent. Here are his EDMs in this Parliamentary period:

Regarding the Pedros’ issues of forced adoption of foreign nationals:

Wider issues regarding the secrecy of family courtsContinue reading

PERSECUTED for petitioning against Forced Adoption in Brussels


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The Americans say “any publicity is ok, just spell my name right.” This does not apply to the UK and certainly not to victims of secret family courts. The Pedros were the first to be persecuted for having travelled to Brussels on 19 March 2014. They were arrested on 21 March for 12 hours and the Search Warrant said that Police ought to look for evidence of the ‘Forced Adoption group’. The arrest resulted in:

  • Police confiscating telephones, computers and travel documents
  • Police indicating that it was Lincolnshire Social Services who had made the application for the Search Warrant – suspecting that the Pedros were conspiring to abduct their own children – a charge yet to be seen formulated on paper
  • for the Police refused Carla copies of the transcript
  • and the Court refused a copy of the application for the Search Warrant.

No wonder that ‘experts’ of the legal system confirm that ‘disclosure’ continues to be the most sensitive of all issues. An alternative to ‘disclosure’ is ‘exposure’:

  • thanks to BBC LOOK NORTH who said that 35 of 37 adoptions in Lincolnshire were forced, i.e. dispensing with the consent of the parents; see on this Facebook page for now.

However, since then,

  • Emyr Wyn Jones was punished by Carmarthenshire Council for having travelled abroad;
  • Terence Steele had his article completely mis-represented in his local paper in Sutton;
  • Bhupesh Patel is being punished by his son not being named according to his religious tradition but ‘the SS way’ – completely contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and EU Convention on Human Rights.



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“CAN WE GO BACK HOME, please?” – the voice of the Pedro children in The Portugal News Online


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20140325_150239This is a well rounded article covering institutional dilemmas of responsibility and accountability between national, international and local representatives in The Portugal News Online.

Meanwhile, children are screaming to be heard, parents are punished without crime and ultimately even taking their lives, if not also of their children, in some cases…

John Hemming MP has now agreed with the Pedros’ local MP Nick Boles that he’ll lead the action. We couldn’t get better news!

Meanwhile I have put these summaries together for parents and supporters to take action:

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THE PEDROS’ WISHLIST: for their own and all other children in the UK ‘care’ system


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14 03 24 UNHCROn top of their list is, obviously, for their children to be returned asap. How can that come about?

1. Listen to E – the now 14- year-old boy who was used to accuse the father

  • according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, any child over 11 should be heard;
  • E wrote to the judge but was NOT listened to.

2. Listen to M – the now 12-year-old daughter who does not want to lose her two youngest siblings to forced adoption;

  • in April S and P are supposed to be adopted, while the older three children are to remain in ‘long term care’ – seeing their parents once every two months.

3. Comply with the Vienna Conference on Consular Relations and allow for consular visits of foreign children in UK care;

  • Lincoln Council said NO.

4. Adhere to Sir James Munby’s judgement that UK courts must not decide the fate of foreign children:

5. Remove gagging orders from all parents whose children have been taken;

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HOW DO WE CRIMINALISE parents after we take their children? Let’s start with a Search Warrant!


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These are the 10 pages with which the Pedros were released from their police cell, after 12 hours of shivering: Carla with 2 cups of tea, Jose with nothing. Belinda described their ordeal in her latest Battle News.

I had to redact pages 1 and 3, as they contain the names of their children and two other people, one of whom the Pedros don’t even know. The other one is the mother of a child who once fled back to her country of origin to save her child. But, foolishly, she came back, and lost it to Social Services.

So it appears as if somebody suspects that the Pedros also want to ‘take their children and run’ and asked for the help of the Police to stop that from happening – no matter how much hardship that creates, e.g. by Jose not having been able to go to work on Friday.

The 10 pages document a little what has happened:

  • a Police Officer made an application to get a ‘search warrant’ (page 5)
  • note the reference to ‘Forced Adoption group’
  • on 21 May they have to present themselves to the Police again (bottom of pages 1 and 3); until then they are on ‘bail’.

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PORTUGUESE immigrants caught up in UK adoption scandal


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14 03 23 ResidentThis is a very good article about the Pedro’s situation and fight to get their children returned by Lincolnshire County Council.

Here’s my latest summary of What Next after our Pilgrimage to Brussels? for all other parents concerned.

And below is the 6-minute video where I speak on behalf of the

  • 1,000 children taken by Social Services every month
  • 100,000 children currently in foster ‘care’
  • 50 children dying a year, whilst in ‘care’
  • 10,000 children running away from care and / or go missing
  • 200 parents imprisoned a year in the privacy and secrecy of the family courts.

These are official statistics provided by OFSTED and the Minister of Children and Education Edward Timpson MP.


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THE PEDROS ARE FREE but… without mobile, laptop, ID cards, receipts of Brussels trip, even tablets of their children!


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Truth is stranger than fiction once again. The details are on Belinda’s latest Battle News.

In bullet language (corrected after we spoke with them in person and saw the papers):

  • the Pedros were arrested by 4 Police Officers at 7am with a search warrant that is part of these 10 pages with which they were sent home;
  • released after 12 hours – having been seen by a good duty solicitor who has even won against Social Services – but they’ll have to pay for him if they want to keep him;
  • they have to go back to the Police on 21 May;
  • their warrant mentions the Forced Adoption ‘group’.

Here are my six minutes addressing the topic:

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PHONE CALL from Grantham Police Station at 08.51: the Pedros are arrested for abducting their 3 children plus someone else’s


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14 09 19 Jose and CarlaThe Officer raised a number of questions in his call which withheld their number 01476 402 222. 

Am I able to represent them?

  • Yes, I have two legs to walk with and a head with which to think.

Which firm do I work for?

Where is it registered?

  • London

How long is your travel time to get to Grantham Police Station?