Judges for ‘justice’?

13 11 15 Pedro GagJudges seem to ‘deal’ with judgements without realising that and how lives are affected. Christopher Booker writes regularly in The Telegraph. For example

Her Honour Judge Heather Hughson Swindells QC has been the only judge in the Pedro case. In her last judgement of 2 October 2013, she formulated the mother’s gag [left] and refused the transfer to another court as well the permission to appeal.

The next hearing is scheduled for 9 and 10 December 2013. Let’s hope that, by popular demand, we’ll get Children Back for Christmas: 

  • Kellie Cottam whose case was vacated due to too much popular support of her creative courage
  • Melissa Laird‘s hearing is on 5 December 2013
  • the Musas‘ hearing is on 6 December.

As publisher of Victims Unite and Punishment without Crime I am biased: towards the victims rather than the perpetrators.

As co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends I am biased: we discovered that Child Snatching is one of the Seven  Deadly Syndromes and Media Cover-Ups.

As systems analyst I am currently concluding:

  1. Thank god and the universe for the invention of the internet that allowed for Solicitors from Hell and Bent Judges – as a small indicator of what is needed to change.
  2. The Australian author was right when he wrote: Our Corrupt Legal System – where everybody is a victim except rich criminals.
  3. I’m back to where I started when I began to organise the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords in 1998 and victims of fraudulent bankruptcies were hoping to get support.
  4. I’m seriously asking myself about the percentage of litigants who do get any kind of ‘justice’ let alone ‘compensation’ – whether in family courts or other matters.
  5. I keep going through ‘shock therapy’ – whether it’s Maurice J Kirk in HMP Cardiff, Melissa Laird who was deported so that her son could be adopted or now the Pedros.
  6. In relationship to this couple, I cannot overlook the fact that Madeleine McCann ‘disappeared’ in Portugal which is known to be the holiday grounds for ‘Paedophilia UK‘ and includes the father and brother of Hollie Greig who Demands Justice in Scotland – a woman with Down Syndrome who remembers the details of her 22 abusers…

Today’s Daily Mail publishes 76 Americans busted in massive global child porn ring including police officers, teachers, teachers and doctors as nearly 400 children are rescued. That was Canadian Police getting at Americans. In New South Wales a Royal Commission found that corruption, reform and paedophilia was the bottom line of the Police.

As children are separated from their parents systematically, the resulting broken societies will have to learn to heal their inner child rather than get kicks from abusing real children!


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