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20140325_150241The attache of the Embassy told the Pedros to ask me to continue helping them with their legal battles. And that after we were ordered to pay £2,000 for helping Melissa Laird voluntarily.

He managed to agree a ‘deal’ with Lincolnshire Council so that UK Social Services hand over the children to Portuguese authorities.

After nearly a year since the snatch on 23 April, this is a great success, compared with the Slovak boys who were only returned after 920 days in UK care and the involvement of the Slovak Government. More recently JOJ TV produced a new programme, as they were surprised that a year after their precedence, things had not improved in the UK.

To plan our next activities, I visited the Pedros in Grantham and let them tell their stories in Portuguese first. For after the first clip of SIC TV in Brussels, we had put high hopes on the program that RPT1 came to produce. But who would have believed that they gave her mother so much air time who was one of the reasons for leaving Portugal 11 years ago? The interviewer Rita Ramash never explained who gave her what kind of a brief and did not respond to my email.

Now we know once more why blogging needs to counteract ‘official’ messages and spin by Governments. But, hopefully, not everybody in the whole Government needs this kind of cover-up!


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