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Truth is stranger than fiction, once again. And even though I had heard about the Pedros’ experiences on 23 April 2013 before, they sank in with fresh power, as we visited Grantham Police Station – in preparation for Jose’s and Carla’s bail hearings today.

Here we picked up the forms RELEASED without CHARGE: “There is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”20140521_111629

This time I am accompanied by Terence Steele who is not only a victim of the secret family court system himself but also an accomplished private investigator and active McKenzie Friend.

He had spent time with the Pedros before and approached their two firms of solicitors who had refused to return their documents to them. These include a vital video of the oldest son Emanuel making a statement about his supposed allegation of his father having hit him. 

But just as with the Nigerian Musa drama, and as I presented to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament on 19 March 2014, the systemic pattern is:

1. Social Services become aware of a family: 

  • in the Pedro case, Carla asked for ‘respite care’ in October 2012 to help with the demanding attention the oldest boy Emanuel needs which robbed her of all her sleep;
  • during all her pregnancies she took medication for epilepsy which says that side effects can be Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD];
  • her younger daughter also suffers from a mild version of ADHD;
  • on 15 April 2013 she was told that the ‘Child in Need’ programme for Emanuel was finished and the case was closed.

2. Social Services use Police to get hold of the children – no matter what lie is used:

  • as Jose and Carla told us, two Social Workers and two Police Officers came to the Pedros’ home on 23 April 2013;
  • Jose was arrested and handcuffed without caution or reason nor was he read out his rights;
  • Carla passed out with an epileptic fit; when Jose moved to give her her medication, the Police Officer threatened to taser him;
  • Police removed Jose to talk to Carla and the children on their own;
  • they told her that Jose had supposedly smacked Emanuel;
  • they asked Carla to tell the children they would stay away only for 72 hours.

3. Social Services use the secrecy of family courts to legitimise what they initiated:

  • corrupt lawyers pretend to work in the interest of the parents but don’t: Carla’s barrister promised her that she would get the children back if she were to separate from her husband;
  • this caused Jose to try to commit suicide twice;
  • when Carla realised that is was a ‘fake bargain’, she sacked her solicitor and looked for McKenzie Friends.

4. HHJ Heather Swindells QC did not accept our request for adjournment on 10 December 2013 but ruled that the three oldest children are to stay in permanent care and that the two youngest are to be adopted:

  • Social Worker Lee Watkinson was not only involved in the ‘Children in Need’ program but also accompanied the Police on 23 April 2013 and was in court on 10 December 2013;
  • here is the letter that Emanuel wrote about him being afraid of ‘bum rape’ for himself and his brothers.

5. We challenged Lincolnshire Police with our ‘Letter before Claim‘ regarding the arrest on 21 March 2014. Lincolnshire County Council are listed as ‘interested party’ and state in their response that “more work and discussion are required”:

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