Say it in Poetry

T H E   J U D G E

He sits there with his hammer and wig
About us parents he don’t give a frig
He listens to the professional’s lies
Which sever all our family ties
While we’re in court us parents weep
The judge gets bored and falls asleep
We can never seem to have our say
All he does is take our angels away
I hate social services with all contempt
From their lies and evil acts no one is exempt
All they want is kids in care
To make our family homes empty and bare
He sits there with his hammer and wig
In reality the judge don’t give a frig.

This came from David Paul Jenkins whose 4 kids were taken who was into jail and who organises Stolen Children of the UK – S.C.O.T. UK – online and as an annual demonstration outside Downing Street.

In a comment he added:

Even though he’s no real judge
the people fall for this cons fudge,
consenting to his perverted will
and so they carry on until,
the people learn to use the law
to stand their ground and even more,
arrest the crook who steals their child
The truth of this should make you wild,
enough to see the truth I tell
and send these crooks to certain hell.

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