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14 09 19 Jose and CarlaThe Officer raised a number of questions in his call which withheld their number 01476 402 222. 

Am I able to represent them?

  • Yes, I have two legs to walk with and a head with which to think.

Which firm do I work for?

Where is it registered?

  • London

How long is your travel time to get to Grantham Police Station?

  • I estimate 2 1/2 hours altogether. 

Are you registered with the National Call Centre?

  • No

That means the Pedros may have to pay for this.

  • We work ‘pro bono’.

When I asked what the charges are, he said “abducting their 4 children“. I said “I’m amazed.”

When I said he seems to stumble over the term ‘McKenzie Friend‘, he said that I was very rude and that he is terminating the conversation.

So I alerted a few journalists and am now wondering whether they’ll call me instead of a ‘duty solicitor’…

Do you feel like phoning 01476 402 222 and find out how the Pedros are doing?

Now I know: 

  1. I was never called back, but the Police Officer had suggested that they may have to pay for the duty solicitor. That’s why I said we work ‘pro bono’.
  2. When the Pedros were released, they told me that the duty solicitor was from Fraser Wise.
  3. They also told me that he wanted £3,000 to take on their case.

Since then, other McKenzie Friends are telling me

  • they are used to not being allowed to represent people at Police Stations
  • duty solicitors are free
  • and we have yet another campaigning goal.
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